Dr Luis Gustavo Vechi

Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor * New Zealand Board of Psychologists Registration No 90-04542

Clinical Psychology Services

Adult clients

Psychological Assessment:







ACC registered for the following services: Pain Management, Psychotherapy for clients with an ACC Physical Injury claim, Sensitive Claim and Training for Independence.

Services are offered in English and in Portuguese.

Appointments Overview

Assessment: In general, these are the first 2/3 appointments with the client and they are sufficed to identify her/his’ current issues and treatment goals.

Treatment: By the end of the assessment sessions, I will provide a formulation of the client’s issues and, alongside her/him, a treatment plan with goals as well as a number of sessions to follow through on the plan. A day and time will be scheduled for the 50-minute session and this usually takes place once a week. However, the frequency and duration of sessions can be altered if necessary.

Review/termination/closure: When heading towards the end of the agreed number of sessions, a treatment review takes place based on clients’ outcome and the following course of actions may happen: further sessions, treatment termination or referral to other services.